Preparing for a photoshoot: client’s guide.

Seeking some tips on preparing for a photoshoot?

Without preamble, I’ll start with the essentials and confidentially disclose a superlative wisdom: at least 50% of result of the photo session depends on the preparations. And in the same breath—the second revelation: the result of a photo session depends not only on the photographer, but on you as well. Sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

Prepare for couple photoshoot

This is why it is so important not just to look through the text, but also to consider information given in the post below. Eventually, I’m not just holding forth here since I have nothing else to do.

Now let’s get started.

What we will discuss here?

  1. Photo-shoot concept: mood, clothes, accessories.
  2. Beauty related information.
  3. Check-list on the shooting day.

Photo shoot preparation

Preparing for a photoshoot: what to do first?

1. Choose a VERY GOOD photographer.

Seriously. This may sound absurdly, but choose the best photographer you can afford. He or she shouldn’t be the cheapest. And not that one who was recommended by your best friend and you even didn’t see his or her works. But the one, who’s pictures catch your attention and you want similar ones.

2. Decide on the concept, duration and locations.

Will it be a walk around the city? Are you going for nature? Will it be a photo shoot at home or in a studio? Will this photo session be for a couple of hours or a whole photo-day?

3. Clothes. This is one of the most important moments.

Clothes for a photoshoot

When preparing for a photoshoot, I strongly recommend you to read the following article. It’s a complete guide on what I recommend to wear for the shooting. Especially useful for couples and families.

Briefly, your clothes should match in color and style and suit the season.

If the girl wears a red apron dress, and her fellow shows up in a green down parka, it would not be the most advantageous variant.

The basic rule to follow is to pick not more than three chromatic colors. Chromatic color – it’s all the colors of the rainbow and their derivatives.

White, grey and black are achromatic, so you can blend them bravely.

Choose clothes of noble colors—soft, pleasant to look at, not annoying. You may bring with you several sets, it would be helpful to diversify the shooting.

Chromatic and achromatic colors in clothes

Separately, I want to indicate my position regarding black color . Its perception is multifaceted, because it depends not only on the color itself, but also on the texture and the form.

A long luxurious flowing black dress on a lady and a black matte tuxedo on her knight – YES! The black down jacket on the guy and the black jacket on the girl – NO.
black color for a photoshoot

4. Footwear.

Shoes for the photoshoot
Utmost comfortable, thus not lacking refinement. The ideal choice would be flats or wedge shoes. But if you are so excited of balancing on the high heels between the stones of the pavement, bring them with you; the most important is that you must have an alternative.

5. Preparing for a photoshoot: accessories.

Accessories for a photo shoot
Anything that you like. Hats, ties, colorful neck-pieces, glasses, blackboards, umbrellas, letters, fruits, similar T-shorts, air-balloons, lollipops on sticks, multicolor candies–the list can be continued endlessly.
I don’t mean we are going to shoot only with that, but a couple of such pictures can substantially diversify the photo shoot. There is no doubt that Prague is wonderful itself, but some interesting, colorful and cheerful complements can perfectly go with it.
I will really appreciate if you make time for reviewing my selection of accessories for photo session, which is regularly updated by me.

6. The mood.

Good mood for a photo shoot
Please, make sure that all the participants of the photo session are enthusiastic about the expected event or, at least, do not feel disgusted about it. If someone is strongly opposed to the photo session and agrees to come only because the opponent has eaten away at him, please, don’t force him.
A photographer can create all conditions for a beautiful photograph, but would not be able to control the sour expression on the face of his model.
That is why the emotional component, yet, falls on your shoulders.

Preparing for a photoshoot: beauty questions.

1. Skin preparation.

Prepare skin before photo shoot
Start moisturizing the skin at leas two weeks before the photo session. And you boyfriend/husband also.
Don’t forget about lip balm.
Light exfoliating scrubs and peelings, moisturizing masks will do you good.
But please, NO any strong procedure just before the photo shoot.

2. Hairdo.

Prepare hair before photoshoot
I’m for simplicity. Girls with their hair down and a little curved look the most advantageous and ladylike. Sophisticated cocoon curls, intricate hairdos with a lot of pins, and other hairstyling things definitely can wait until other, more solemn occasions.
We are going to hold an informal photo shoot, nothing like an audience with Queen Elizabeth.
Please remember that sparkle hair spray shines so attractively only in the real life, but on the photographs it looks like obvious dandruff.

3. Make-up.

МMake-up for photoshoot
Ideally, you need to address a professional make-up artist who can camouflage all the flaws that you can’t see in the mirror but which are visible on the photographs.
If you haven’t got a chance to contact a make-up stylist, you need to apply make-up foundation to even out skin irregularities and tone, and to highlight your eyes.
Please avoid beauty products with nacreous effect.
You definitely need to bring with you some powder and facial blotting tissues.

The photo-shoot day.

1. You need to have a good sleep.

Photo-shoot preparation
So that you look fresh and rested. The day before the photo session please don’t drink a lot of liquid (yeah, yeah, I know well about tasty Czech beer, but it would be better to hold back from it).
Don’t eat fatty food (I’m also aware of pork knuckles that are so hard to resist) and salty meals, because it all leads to facial swelling.

2. You need to have a good meal before the photo session!

Get prepared for a photoshoot
I will say it time and again, shooting hungry models is a very doubtful pleasure.
If the spark in your eyes does not flash from anticipation of getting marvelous photographs, but is a predatory spark in the eyes of a wolf that has been scouting around for food for the last couple of weeks, and whose nose inevitably points to the closest hot dog joint, you can hardly expect a romantic mood.
But for the God’s sake, please, don’t stuff yourself until you feel lazy and sleepy.

3. About alcohol…

Prepare for a photo session alcohol
It will be useful to take with you a flasket of alcohol drink to relax and, as they say, to “warm-up” during cold periods.
Indeed, in some cases a shot of brandy works like magic. And I have witnessed myself how inhibited and gruff boogiemen metamorphosed this way into cheerful and good-humored cuties.
The main thing is not to go too far and not to drink too much to avoid inverse effect :-)

4. Take a less noticeable bag.

It would be better to pack all the things you are going to take with you in one capacious and plain plastic bag.
So as to, firstly, not to lose one of a bunch of small bags on the way and, secondly, not to attract attention of some undesirable persons to a lonely hand-bag lying around.
There is no need to bring your passports, all your means of existence, a chest with family jewelry, and “the key to the apartment where the money is”.
So that during the photo shoot you would not get a progressive squint, while trying to keep one eye on the camera and the other on your bags.

5. Be on time!

Prep list for a photoshoot
It is better to arrive in advance than be late. When planning the departure time, leave at least 15 minutes for force majeure.
Let you appear in advance and calmly drink a cup of coffee before the photo session, than you will run and get nervous.
And do not annoy your photographer with a delay. The bad mood of the photographer means a bad result. Are you sure you want this?

6. Do not take anything superfluous.

You will perfectly manage to survive three hours without phones, cameras and a handbag.

7. Prepare the money for payment in advance.

So you won’t need to look after the nearest exchange office with a bad exchange rate.
And take some cash for possible expenses – a cup of coffee, a taxi.

8. Bring a bottle of water and a snack. And a blanket.

If you have light-colored clothes, and it has rained recently in the street, please don’t forget to take a blanket or a rug of a muted color to feel free to sit down or even to sprawl.
A big and long scarf, a shawl, a piece of oilcloth, and a coverlet can be used to lie on.

9. Get ready for the MUAH artist.

Have clean dry hair and clean moistened skin.
Prepare a free table so that the stylist can arrange makeup stuff.
Prepare your clothes and everything that you take with you.

10. And the most important!

Please, don’t forget to bring with you good spirits and a bucket full of smiles!
There’s no such thing as too much joy. So, cheer up, cheer up! :-)

Prepare for a couple photoshoot

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      I just came across the pictures you have taken in the internet and I’m really amazed with the vivid pictures !

      We are @ Prague on 08-05 and 09-05 and we would like to have an appointment to take pictures of myself with my husband and kid (family photo shoot)

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      Hello !

      I am amazed with all the information provided and all the great pictures on your website. My husband and I will be in Prague for 2 nights next week (Mon and Tue) and are looking to capture Prague’s magic through a candid picture photoshoot around the city (1-1.5 hrs). Just wondering your availability for either of those days and pricing structure. Thanks!

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