Honeymoon in Prague

There are so many options in Europe where you can travel for your honeymoon. But I’m not going to talk about them too much. I’d rather show you the one. The best one.

Everybody knows Rome, Paris and other so called “romantic” places. As a result, they are not romantic anymore. Are you really sure you want to spend the whole trip pushing other people aside and trying to see some famous spots from the tourist guide? All those cities are so over-crowded that you can’t enjoy them at all. But I have a nice tip for you.

Honeymoon in Prague

Spend your honeymoon in Prague!

Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. There is no any other explanation why it became a capital of wedding couples. They come here to have their pre-wedding photoshoot, to have an elopement wedding or to spend some time together. If you wake up early enough and go for a walk in the old town area, I’m pretty sure you will meet at least 3 brides having their shootings.

What are the pros of having a Prague honeymoon?

  • Charming architecture
  • Pleasant climate: not hot, not cold
  • Reasonable prices for accommodation and food
  • Green huge parks in the town
  • Amazing nature outside the city
  • Plenty of old castles and chateaus
  • Walkable distances everywhere

Good. And what are the cons than?

  • Tourists. June, August, September and December are the most busy time.
  • Locals working with tourists are not always fair.
  • You need to be physically strong. It’s not easy to walk and eat and drink so much :)

How to remember your honeymoon?

I would recommend to hire a professional photographer and bring some great memories with you. I have many couple who take their wedding attires along with them and have a photoshoot here in Prague. Or you can have it in some casual outfit. The clothes doesn’t matter that much. But the mood, your love, your passion and relationship is what really makes sense.

Honeymoon time is the best for having a love-story photoshoot. This is the period when your feelings are at their highest level, when you can’t stop looking at each other. You kiss a lot, you hug a lot, you laugh for no reason and you enjoy each moment spending together. Nothing bothers you, all the problems are left somewhere else and you are only two in the whole world. So what about saving this wonderful time in beautiful photos?

It will be such a pleasant moment to return back into your memory in a while and to relive your sweet days again and again.

What else you should know for your honeymoon in Prague?

Here are some short tips from me.

  • Instead of a hotel in the old town area, choose a cozy apartment in Vinohrady area. Prices are better, food tastes better, people are more friendly and streets are not that loud.
  • Rent a car and go to some national parks. Czech is small and very green, there is plenty of interesting spots besides Prague. Don’t forget to visit some nice towns and castles. And don’t miss Hluboka nad Vltavou castle.
  • Don’t eat too much Czech food. It tastes great, but it’s very heavy. The portions are huge, so if you want to try different dishes, share them.
  • Don’t go for apple, banana, coffee etc beer. It’s terrible. Better take a craft fresh beer.

HoneyMoon in Prague
Sunrise Old town square
Wedding Prague sunrise
Pre-wedding Prague photoshoot
Asian couple in Prague
Umbrella for wedding photoshoot
Honeymoon in Prague
Prague astronomical clock bride
Honeymoon photoshoot
Wedding couple beautiful shadows
Prague streets morning
Prague in morning
Pre-wedding in Prague
Asian prewedding Prague
Chinese bride reflection
Charles bridge wedding couple
Wedding bridge in Prague
Wedding umbrella shooting
Chinese couple Prague
Chinese photoshoot Prague bridge
HoneyMoon in Prague
HoneyMoon in Prague
Groom spinning bride
Wedding light and shadows
Prague wedding shooting
Prague windows light
Prague Lennon wall
John Lennon wall Prague
Pre-wedding in church Prague
Church photo Prague

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      07.06.2015, 18:42

      Отличная идея добавлять фото в блог, приятно видеть счастливые лица молодых.

    • Reply Geraldine Chua

      06.03.2016, 14:03


      Found your website via Google.
      Your pictures are gorgeous!

      My husband and I will be travelling to Prague between July 4 to 8.
      Would you be available for a photoshoot?
      If yes, can you quote me a price?

      We would like to shoot in Old Town.


    • Reply Renee

      22.03.2016, 04:31

      Hi Evgeniya,
      Your photos are great and I love them so much!
      I will go to Prague for honeymoon with my husband on early August.
      Would you mind to quote me a price for honeymoon photo shooting?


    • Reply Desiree Alvarez

      11.07.2016, 20:23


      I am so in love with this photo shoot! It is absolutely perfect. You are so talented! I can not wait to book our photo shoot with you.


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      29.01.2017, 11:15

      Dear Genny

      I am interesting for your package of Honeymoon in Prague.

      How much paid for that.Could you mind send me more information for these package, such as run down, what’s include in the package.

      Do you have empty in your schedule on May 2017

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      19.02.2017, 23:18

      Dear Genny,

      I really like your pictures in general!
      From the warmth of your pictures, to the right amount of blur and bokeh effects, whether zoomed in or far away with the tilt shift!
      I’ll be visiting Prague in May and was wondering if you’ll be available at the 25th of the 26th of May for a similar shoot as the above honeymoon in Prague album?
      If so could you give me your package info?
      Thanks in advance!

      Kind regards,

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      04.12.2017, 07:38

      Dear Jenny:
      All of your pictures are amazing and amazing and amazing!
      I would like to have my pre-wedding photo between later May to Mid June 2018.
      Can I have you price package and contact detail send to my E-mail address please?
      I am just so into your photo.
      Just in case, my e-mail zhangxin902230@163.com.


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